$5 dollar 4th of July wreath in 5 minutes!

I LOVE the 4th of July. I think it may be my favorite holiday. It just screams summer, family, barbecues, and patriotism. Plus. There’s fireworks. Ahhh…

This is about as simple as it comes.

From the dollar store (Dollar Tree):

  • Pool Noodle
  • 4th of July themed scarf x2 (there are lot’s to choose from! choose your fav)
  • Square Wreath Form
  • Metal 4th of July hanging decor

You don’t even need a glue gun to complete this project, it’s that EASY.

Also. Did you know that a Dollar Store pool noodle fits the square form wreath EXACTLY when cut up. It was a new-found revelation for me. A perfect match!

Step 1: Cut the Pool Noodle to fit the Wreath Form.

I did the longer lengths first. I just set the pool noodle in the wreath form (backwards from how you would normally use a wreath form, so that the noodle sits down in the circular part of the form) and then cut using a serrated kitchen bread knife. Once you have the top and bottom, you just cut the remaining piece exactly in half. (If you want to use a little tape or glue gun to hold the square together at this stage, you can. Helpful, but not necessary).

Step 2: Wrap the wreath with the two scarves.

This took a few times of trial and error. The best way I found is to fold the scarf in half length wise and work your way exactly half way around the wreath starting and ending at the top/bottom middle. Then I used a few straight pins to secure the scarves in place.

Step 3: Attach Metal Decor

Um…I don’t even know if I can call this a step. I just held the metal by it’s twine over the wreath so that it was centered to my liking and then secured a pin in the back at that spot for it to hang on.

That’s it!

Admire your quick craft then place it on the door to stir up patriotic pride as you enter your house 🙂