Okay, here’s what I’ve decided.  I keep running into this problem where I buy supplies from a store with a big idea/project in mind and by the time I get around to actually creating that project (for numerous reasons), it is irrelevant for you because the supplies are wiped out or no longer available.  So what I am going to start doing is simply posting a picture of the supply with a glimpse of what I have in mind for it so that if you want to make it yourself, you can go grab the stuff before it is gone!  That’s one frustrating thing about the dollar store, you have to go often and you have to BUY if you like.  You may never see it again.

I will start a category on the sidebar entitled favorite finds and post ’em when I find them.  My disclaimer is that I make no guarantee if/when I will actually post the project they are intended for.  Sometimes I change my mind, sometimes I change the project, and sometimes I need to furnish a room before I do accent projects 🙂