Inexpensive Large-Scale Wall Art

document frame

When we moved from an 800 square foot apartment to and 1800 square foot townhome, I found myself with A LOT more wall space. I wanted a piece of art to finish of the space in our master bedroom, but could not afford to drop a few hundred dollars for the proper scale.  I came up with this inexpensive solution using document frames from the dollar store and am pleased with how it turned out.  The best part, of course, is that the whole project cost under 20 dollars to achieve.  I used a 40% off coupon from to purchase a small 12×12 scrapbook paper pad in the colors that matched our room–just cut the papers you would like to use to size for the frames that you use.  The great thing about purchasing your scrapbook paper this way is that you have pre-coordinated paper combinations in complimentary colors and patterns.


I re-painted the frames black and attached 3 frames together vertically with black satin ribbon.  I did this to avoid having to nail 9 holes in the wall.  Just 3 holes lined up at the top of each hanging tier this way.  You can paint the frames using spray paint or acrylic paint…even frames with the natural wood look have a finish to them so you may have to sand or prime them a bit to get the paint to adhere well.  Of course, I was too lazy for that part so I just sprayed painted the heck out of them (i.e. MULTIPLE coats :)).  Have fun!


I posting this project here: