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Toothless Witch Poem

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My kids look forward to this tradition almost more than the holiday itself…they talk about it all year, they tell their friends about it, they wonder if the Toothless Witch will be back and what she might bring. It’s awesome. Ironically, their favorite part of the entire story is the P.S. at the end. They think it is SO funny. I first heard of the concept here: I decided to take it a step further by creating a poem that tells the story of the Toothless Witch. As a mom fighting the growing candy/sugar battle, it is a win-win for everyone!

Photo Credit: Sven Geruschkat 2008 See all of his work here:

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1 review for Toothless Witch Poem

  1. Malina James

    Hilarious poem, my lids loved it and it’s funny. Worth the cost.

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