Meet Carameled Frapplestein

He’s a pretty dapper not-so-scary kind of dude.  We like carameled apples around here, but they taste excessively sweet to me when fully drenched in caramel.  So this was a good compromise.

Here’s how we made him:

Hair:  Caramel and miniature chocolate chips.  Use good caramel like the one sold here (great tips for carameled apples as well) …it makes a big difference.  Now I know it’s a lot, but it stores for a year and you don’t have to peel wrappers.  Bonus.  I skewered the bottom of the apple first so that I could dip the top of his head in the caramel and chips.  Then you can pull it out and place it properly.

Eyes:  Miniature Oreos, mini chocolate chip for the pupil

Nose & Mouth:  Just bought a small amount of that mix you can buy at most grocery stores that includes candy corns, jelly beans, boston baked beans, and good and plenty.

Neck Hardware:  Tootsie Rolls, cut in half, held in place with a toothpick.  You could use caramel here too…just shape some prior to melting.

I just drew on the stitches with a tiny bit of melted chocolate and a toothpick.  Attached everything with a little melted caramel or chocolate.